2 BUY 2 PROGRAM Hope Ukraine



Some kids wear our shoes to be cool and other kids wear them just to stay warm. Our mission is to accomplish both. For this reason, we are committed to providing footwear year-round for orphans in Ukraine.

Whenever a pair of Belsta shoes is purchased in the United States or Canada, Belsta USA will donate a pair of Belsta Shoes to an orphan in need of new shoes. We call the program TWO BUY TWO .

The Two Buy Two program exclusively provides and delivers Belsta Shoes to Ukrainian children. To accomplish this, the program has partnered with the 
Hope Ukraine FoundationThe Hope Ukraine Foundation was established to provide Hope through ongoing initiatives based in Ukraine that directly support the Orphan Community and underprivileged children in Belgorod Dnistrovsky, Ukraine and beyond. The organization is founded on Christ and a core principle ... that "Ukraine has given orphans a heart and the Hope Ukraine Foundation is committed to providing them with a Voice." Through the Hope Ukraine American English School program Orphans and local children in need can learn English at no cost. In a country where the chances of a normal life for an "aged out"* Orphan is 2 in 10. The ability to speak English provides these children with a demonstrated advantage over their peers.  The ability to speak English opens doors for many legitimate jobs that would not be available to them in the absence of this language skill.

*Orphans age out of their respective Children's Homes at 16 years old. At this age they are no longer eligible for international adoption, so they become part of society on their own.